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EB601, EB602
From CHF 268.00
For drilling and reaming tools with shank design ISO 26623
C3-391.27-16 056, C3-391.27-20 060, C4-391.27-16 056, C4-391.27-20 060, C4-391.27-25 077, C5-391.27-16 065, C5-391.27-20 060, C5-391.27-25 071, C5-391.27-32 075, C6-391.27-16 070, C6-391.27-20 070, C6-391.27-25 070A, C6-391.27-32 075, C6-391.27-40 085
From CHF 357.00
For diameter adjustment of indexable insert drills with parallel shank
A170M., A170M., A170M., A170M.
From CHF 693.00
FS2189, FS2190, FS2191, FS2192, FS2193, FS2199, FS2200, FS2201, FS2202, FS2203, FS2204, FS2205, FS2206, FS2207, FS2208, FS2209, FS2210, ...
From CHF 137.00
SL0001, SL0002, SL0003, SL0004, SL0005, SL0006, SL0007, SL0008, SL0009, SL0010, SL0011, SL0012, SL0013, SL0014, SL0015, SL0016
From CHF 137.00
FS2194, FS2195, FS2196, FS2197, FS2198, FS2213, FS2214, FS2215, FS2216, FS2217, FS2218, FS2219, FS2220, FS2221, FS2231, FS2232, FS2233, ...
From CHF 192.00
SL0017, SL0018, SL0019, SL0020, SL0021, SL0022, SL0023, SL0024, SL0025, SL0026, SL0027, SL0028, SL0029, SL0030
From CHF 192.00
Modular NCT adaptor
A100M., A100M.
From CHF 434.00
Modular NCT adaptor
A100M.U3.40.035.25, A100M.U3.40.035.32, A100M.U3.40.040.40, A100M.U3.40.050.50, A100M.U3.40.050.63, A100M.U3.40.090.80, A100M.U3.50.035.25, A100M.U3.50.035.32, A100M.U3.50.035.40, A100M.U3.50.035.50, A100M.U3.50.035.63, A100M.U3.50.050.80
Call for pricing
EB205-206-1.CC06 (ARS), EB207-208-1.CC09 (ARS), EB209-210-1.CC09 (ARS), EB211-212-1.CC12 (ARS), EB213-214-1.CC12 (ARS), EB215-1.CC12 (ARS), EB216-1.CC12 (ARS), EB217-1.CC12 (ARS), EB401-1.CC06 (ARS), EB402-1.CC06 (ARS), EB403-1.CC06 (ARS)
From CHF 179.00
For ER collets in accordance with DIN 6499/ISO15488
AB009.K40-ER16-067, AB009.K40-ER16-105, AB009.K40-ER20-105, AB009.K40-ER20-156, AB009.K40-ER25-105, AB009.K40-ER32-079, AB009.K40-ER32-105, AB009.K40-ER40-105, AB009.K50-ER20-105, AB009.K50-ER25-105, AB009.K50-ER32-105, AB009.K50-ER40-105
From CHF 177.00
For tools with shank in accordance with DIN 1835 Form A
AK182.CAT40.065.20, AK182.CAT50.081.32
From CHF 339.00
C3-A390B.45-40 030, C3-A390B.45-40 060, C3-A390B.45-50 030, C3-A390B.45-50 060, C4-A390B.45-40 030, C4-A390B.45-40 060, C4-A390B.45-50 030, C4-A390B.45-50 060, C5-A390B.45-40 040, C5-A390B.45-40 080, C5-A390B.45-50 030, C5-A390B.45-50 070, C6-A390B.45-40 085, C6-A390B.45-50 030, C6-A390B.45-50 080, C8-A390B.45-50 070, C8-A390B.45-50 120 ...
From CHF 363.00
AB001.K40-B19-038, AB001.K40-B26-051, AB001.K40-B31-102, AB001.K40-B38-061, AB001.K50-B19-038, AB001.K50-B26-051, AB001.K50-B26-102, AB001.K50-B31-038, AB001.K50-B38-061, AB001.K50-B38-102, AB001.K50-B63-061
From CHF 188.00
For tools with shank in accordance with DIN 1835 Form B
AB044.K40-W07-064, AB044.K40-W09-044, AB044.K40-W09-064, AB044.K40-W13-044, AB044.K40-W13-067, AB044.K40-W15-044, AB044.K40-W15-070, AB044.K40-W19-044, AB044.K40-W19-089, AB044.K40-W26-044, AB044.K40-W26-102, AB044.K40-W31-102, AB044.K40-W39-102, AB044.K50-W13-067, AB044.K50-W15-095, AB044.K50-W19-095, AB044.K50-W26-102, ...
From CHF 140.00
For shank tools ISO 26623
Call for pricing